Club Fittings

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Our Fitting Process

Our Fittings consist of multiple stages and is meant to deliver the best possible fitting experience. You can feel confident in your fitting recommendations and results using our process.

Step 1 - Planning

At the start of the fitting we will talk about your current set and what you hope to achieve from the fitting. Most players have something specific in mind when it comes to an equipment change. As part of the game plan we will discuss budget, preferences, and play style.

Step 2 - The Fit

To start the fitting session you will warm up with you current clubs and we will gather some baseline numbers. From there your fitter will be able to select equipment that is aimed at achieving your goals that were established in the game plan. As we test different combinations of equipment your fitter will start to narrow down your best options and will conclude the fitting with a personalized recommendation of the best fit for you.

Step 3 - The Build

If you purchase equipment from us this is stage where your equipment will be constructed to meet your specifications. We custom order all of our components so that we can meet each individual's needs. We start by ordering the club heads, shafts, and grips of choice. Once the components have been received the build process will begin.

Step 4 - The Follow-up

Once the build process is complete you will be able to pick up your clubs. After each build we encourage our free follow up session where we will refine any specifications that we can. These can include loft, lie, and swing weight. This step is to ensure that you have best fit possible before hitting the course.


Improve your performance on the golf course with a personalized fitting session. We can optimize every aspect of your game so that you can always rely on your equipment and trust your numbers.